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Start-Up Service

Together with our partners we have put together a standardized (and therefore extremely inexpensive) foundation package. This includes the avoidance of unnecessary paths and additional costs (one-stop shop philosophy), and a rapid and efficient execution of the entire formation process. Basically, we distinguish between the process of “becoming an entrepreneur” and the foundation of a company.

We virtually cover all the steps of the buisiness formation. Starting from the selection of the most suitable legal form to the – if necessary – selection of employees.


We are a ‚full-service provider‘ offering holistic economic and legal services to entrepreneurs and businesses. In our philosophy of thinking, we are always inspired by the needs of the person or the group of persons running the business.

Individual packages

We have developed a variety of packages for recurring agendas of our clients. Thus, our clients may internally provide agendas and all information needed, in order to execute the common process, and are then enabled to affordably complement contingently missing agendas.

Our ‚Speciality‘ is a blend of standardized procedures with customized options tailored to the individual needs of our clients.


Due to the fact that most of the questions asked by our clients cannot be satisfied with standard answers, we have formed a large pool of consultants who meet the requirements of our clients with customized solutions. Thus, we do provide state-of-the-art concepts in order to solve vitually any problem in terms of entrepreneurship.